Artificial Intelligence: Meta Platforms Challenges OpenAI with Launch of AI Coding Software

Artificial Intelligence: OpenAI had the field to itself when it initially rolled out ChatGPT and made all the right noises about artificial intelligence. It grabbed the spotlight and looked to have stolen a march on its rivals.

However, that time has passed and increasingly, the tech majors are stealing away its market share and launching competing tools that have been taking the world by storm. The latest to do so is Meta Platforms.

Meta has launched a coding tool today not just to take on the much smaller OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft, but even the gargantuan Alphabet’s Google.

In a blog post, Meta said that its new Meta AI tool has been dubbed Code Llama and it uses generative AI to help developers work faster by suggesting lines of software code. The model is open-source and available for commercial use. What that means is that other companies will be able to use the tech to build their tools.

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In a strategic move, Meta has been releasing open-source versions of AI technology that its rivals offer, and by providing its AI chatbot tech to the public, it is letting some companies build chatbots without paying for software from OpenAI, Google, or Microsoft.

In the same way, Code Llama will make it easier for companies to build AI coding tools without buying those products from competitors like Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot, which is powered by OpenAI, Bloomberg reports. Code Llama will be free for most users, but Meta will charge some large companies for access to the software, the company said.

Meta has been investing heavily in generative AI technologies. The company formed a new product group dedicated solely to generative AI and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has been vocal about infusing AI into all of Meta’s products. Internally, Meta is encouraging employees to use its AI-powered chatbot called Metamate, and the company is expected to release a public-facing chatbot in the coming weeks.

In effect, with Meta’s deep pockets, things are set to get tough for OpenAI, unless Microsoft steps in with a large dollop of funds to get its act together to put up a fight.

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