Microblogging app Threads passed 20 million users within 12 hours

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Microblogging app Threads launched just last night and, already, it’s a behemoth in the social space with the Twitter clone surpassing 20 million users and counting barely 12 hours after its launch.

Threads is a Twitter alternative tied to Instagram. It copies your same username from Instagram and can link up with all of your existing followers and the accounts you follow. But it still requires downloading a new app and setting up your account, but that seems to be a low barrier for most folks.

Meta launched Threads at 7 p.m. ET last night, and just over 12 hours later, the platform has already surpassed 20 million users. To be specific, we saw the platform hit 23,833,260 million users as of roughly 8:30 a.m. ET this morning. Closer to 8 a.m., the platform was showing over 1 million fewer users.

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It’s an impressive feat for Meta to say the least. As Mark Zuckerberg confirmed last night, Threads gathered over 10 million users in just its first seven hours of availability.

Threads is the latest in a line of Twitter alternatives that we’ve seen in recent months. As Elon Musk’s rule over the platform continues to degrade the experience in countless ways, many have been looking for a valid alternative.

So far, the speed at which Threads is expanding isn’t slowing down one bit – it’s likely the platform is already nearing or past 25 million users by the time you’re reading this post.

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