Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati

Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati Joins Chicago’s Indian Diaspora in Commemorating India’s 77th Independence Day


Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati, a member of the Maratha royal family of Kolhapur and former member of the Rajya Sabha, hoisted the Indian tricolour and celebrated the 77th Independence Day of India along with Indian Americans in Chicago on 15th August, 2023.

Shri Raje is currently visiting the United States of America on an invitation of the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) of Chicago – one of the largest organisations of Indians in the USA, representing over 300,000 culturally diverse Indian Americans in the Chicago land and Mid-West of the USA and has been operating since 1980. Senior congressman Danny Davis, Congressman Raja Krishna Murthy, H.E. Somnath Ghosh, Consul General, India to USA, were also part of the Independence Day celebrations there.

Speaking at the event, Shri Raje said, “The Independence Day of India is a day to remember the valour and sacrifices made by our forefathers, countless freedom fighters and soldiers. I am thankful to the Indian community on the United States of America for inviting me to celebrate the 77th Independence Day of our great nation with them. Adhering to the principles of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his life stories, I would like to appeal to all the Indians to take the pledge to keep the nation first in our lives on this momentous occasion.”

Shri Raje is currently visiting the United States of America in his personal capacity and attended a banquet gala dinner of the FIA of Chicago on 13th August. He will also be visiting several other US-cities, including Washington, New York and New Jersey in the coming days.

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