How to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for free?

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are popular video streaming platforms in India. Both companies keep releasing new movies as well as TV series for users.

If you have a list to watch some content on these platforms, then you can do that for free by trying out the below-mentioned idea. It is worth noting that Amazon already offers a 1-month free trial offer to users. Here is everything you need to know.

How to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for free

Well, the idea is to buy postpaid plans from Jio or Airtel to get free access to popular OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

People who are paying for postpaid plans will be able to get access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for free. The prepaid users of Jio and Airtel will have to switch to postpaid because the telecom operators don’t have any plans for them that offer these two subscriptions.

Jio plan: The Rs 699 postpaid plan of Jio comes with free access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, JioCinema, and JioTV. It supports unlimited voice calling benefits, 100GB of total data, and 100SMS per day on a monthly basis. One can also add up to 3 family members to this plan and each one of them will get additional 5GB data, as per the official listing of the Jio website.

Airtel plan: Users can buy the Rs 1,199 prepaid plan, which gives free access to Netflix basic monthly subscription, Amazon Prime membership for 6 months at no extra cost, Disney+ Hotstar mobile for 1 year at no extra cost, Handset protection, Xstream Mobile Pack and Wynk premium.

A customer also gets an option to include three regular voice connections for family members. This plan also supports unlimited calls, 240GB monthly data (150GB for primary connection + 30GB for each addon that customers add) with rollover facility of up to 200GB. The plan also gives 100 SMS per day, apart from unlimited calling on a monthly basis.

Netflix subscriptions in India: Prices

In India, Netflix’s mobile plan starts at Rs 149 per month, Rs 199 for the basic plan and Rs 499 for the standard plan and Rs 649 for the Premium plan. Starting from Netflix’s basic plan, you will be able to watch content on phone, TV, laptop and other devices. The Rs 149 plan is a mobile-only subscription. The rest of the plans differ in terms of video quality. The basic pack gives HD quality, which should be good enough for many.

Amazon Prime Video subscription plans in India: Prices

Amazon offers a total of four Prime membership plans. The price for a monthly subscription is Rs 299 and the quarterly (3 months) will cost you Rs 599. The annual prime membership (12 months) is priced at Rs 1,499. There is also an annual Prime Lite pack, which is priced at Rs 999.

Why postpaid plans offer a better deal than what you are paying for Netflix and Amazon separately?

You are getting a lot of things by paying a few hundred. For instance, the Jio postpaid plan of Rs 699 gives you Rs 199 worth of Netflix Basic plan for free and annual Amazon Prime Video worth Rs 1,499 for free along with unlimited calls, 100 daily SMS and 100GB data for a month. The Netflix and Amazon plan together will separately cost you Rs 1,698 per month and you are getting everything at a very low price. The similar is also the case with Airtel and this telecom company is also offering Disney+ Hotstar subscription, apart from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as a data rollover facility and many more benefits. Hence, postpaid deals are much better and offer you a good deal to avoid paying a very big price.

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You can sign up for a free 1-month Amazon Prime Video trial

Amazon is currently offering a 1-month free trial to new users. So, if you haven’t availed this offer, then you go to the website and use Amazon Prime Video officially for free. This offer is only for those who haven’t yet created an account with Amazon. People can do one thing, log into Amazon Prime video with a different account to avail the 1-month free trial.

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