Bangladesh Buddhist Federation celebrates Madhu Purnima

Bangladesh News: Bangladesh Buddhist Federation on Thursday celebrated Shubh Madhu Purnima at the International Buddhist Monastery, Dhaka.

Marking the day, Buddhist devotees offered various gift items, including fruits, flowers, and candles, to statues of Lord Buddha throughout the day.

The day of Madhu Purnima commemorates an occasion on which the Buddha retreated to the wilderness of Parileyya forest to bring peace between two quarreling factions of disciples. According to legend, a monkey and an elephant named Parileyyaka fed lord Buddha during this time, the elephant bringing fruit and the monkey bringing a honeycomb.

On the occasion, the speakers highlighted the deeply humanist worldview espoused by Lord Buddha in his teachings.

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Hundreds of devotees of the Lord Budhha along with their family members joined in the celebration which included prayers and discussion followed by the community feast.

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