Iran News: Iran’s President Raisi Vows Strong Retaliation in the Face of Any Attack

Iran News:  Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has issued a stern warning against any possible attack by the United States in retaliation for a strike that killed three American troops in Jordan.

During a trip to the southern province of Hormozgan, President Raisi said, they will not be the initiator of any war, but if a country wants to bully, Iran will respond firmly. He said, Iran’s military power in the region is not a threat to any country, but a source of security that countries in the region can rely on and trust.

The death of the American soldiers in a drone strike at a base in Jordan earlier this week marked the first US military losses in West Asia since the Israel-Hamas war broke out in October.

US President Joe Biden has blamed Iran-backed militant groups for the attack. The White House warned that multiple actions could be taken in retaliation for the attack. Iran has denied any links to the attack and said it is not seeking an expansion of conflict in the West Asia region.


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